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#1 19 Sep 2017 3:07:46 pm

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Shared Hosting PHP Update

We have made some changes to the PHP configuration on the cPanel shared hosting service.

PHP 7.1.x is now the default PHP version for all new accounts.

All existing accounts have been pegged at the legacy PHP 5.6.x version for now to avoid breaking any existing sites. In the near future, we will begin testing existing account sites to determine if they can be moved to PHP 7.1.x

All customers can change their PHP version themselves in cPanel under Software -> MultiPHP Manager.

We would encourage all our shared hosting customers to begin the process of getting their sites ready for PHP 7.
PHP 7 includes many improvements to security and performance. The legacy PHP 5.6 software will reach the end of security support at the end of 2018. We will commit to continue supporting PHP 5.6 until at least January 2019.

Robert, Owner, RAM Host


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